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Plastic Trader Enterprises has facilities and capabilities to satisfy many of the various recycling needs of plastic industry. Plastic Trader specializes in developing methods and providing machinery to help businesses through the United States recover valuable raw materials and save money through effective waste management.

Baling - Grinding - Metal Separation - Pulverizing

Some of the many services Plastic Trader Enterprises currently provides includes…


Many materials such as plastic film and corrugated plastic cannot be disposed of efficiently due to the fact that these materials are light and bulky. Plastic Trader Enterprises can help companies that produce this type of scrap by providing baling systems that will drastically reduce the amount of space these scrap materials occupy, and make the disposal of the scrap much more cost effective. Contact Us today to learn more about how Plastic Trader can help your company develop a baling operation.


Many manufacturers are unable to reprocess the scrap plastic parts that can be recycled back into raw materials. Often, companies may be able to save thousands of dollars by regrinding their scrap plastic. Plastic Trader Enterprises' professional staff and state of the art grinding operation is fully equipped to handle even the largest toll grinding accounts.

Metal Separation

Metal contamination among plastic scrap can be a serious problem to many plastic manufacturers, especially those in the building material and automotive industry. Plastic Trader Enterprises has the equipment and experience needed to effectively separate metal from many forms of scrap plastic.


Many plastic manufacturers are unable to use recycled materials in regrind or pellet form. Many extruders and other plastic companies require their materials to be pulverized into a powder form. We have incorporated two pulverizing lines at our facility in order to recycle regrind and other forms of scrap into a fine mesh powder. We have fine tuned and honed our process into an effective and efficient operation that allows us to provide clean, high quality recycled powder at very reasonable rates. We have focused the majority of our pulverizing operation on PVC, but are capable of pulverizing materials such as HDPE, LDPE, PP, and other thermoplastics as well.